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The need for MTM (Medication Therapy Management) services has never been this dire! Statistics show that 1 in every 4 Americans have difficulties taking prescription medications as directed, 1 in 5 prescriptions go unfilled, medication adherence is lowest among patients with chronic conditions, and the economic impact of non-adherence is estimated to cost $100 billion annually. MTM is a service provided by specially trained Pharmacists to help patients optimize the use of their medication. The goal of MTM is to make sure medications are safe and effective for every patient through one on one communication with the patient, physician, pharmacist and other healthcare providers.

At MediFixx MTM Pharmacy, we provide compassionate and professional care to individual patients through telephone based consultation services in the privacy of their homes! We provide convenient and private environment to help patients better understand the purpose of their medications and how to use them appropriately. We follow up to ensure that these goals are met with each patient. Together as a team, we can curb adverse drug reactions, reduce medication risks, identify ways to increase savings in costs of medications and ultimately make a difference in every patient‘s life one phone call at a time.


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